P2500 Rumble Force Pad

  ponytail 11:19 12 Feb 2010

Has anyone out there used one of these devises who would be able to give me some advice.

  mrwoowoo 12:19 12 Feb 2010

Have used it up to about 6 months ago. Now using a 360 controller.
What's the problem?

  ponytail 13:27 12 Feb 2010

Hi mrwoowoo
I am trying to play a game on my PC called V-RALLY 2 see my other posting of earlier today and thought I could use the Satek control so I installed it and although all the buttons seem to work when I test it none of them work on the game and do you know where button's 10 and 11 are I tested 1 to 9 but cannot find the other two.There is no rumble sound either.The blue light is on.Any ideas

  mrwoowoo 14:59 12 Feb 2010

Buttons 10 and 11. Are they when you press down on the two anologue sticks?
Have you used the p2500 before? I had a lot of problems getting it to work with the Saitek driver. Ended up with a 3rd party driver and installing it in safe mode.( which you could try)
The Saitek isn't compatable with all PC games though which may be your problem. And is the reason i switched to the 360 controller as it's compatable with all PC games and is a simple case of plug and play.

  ponytail 15:45 12 Feb 2010

Hi Again Mr woowoo
Perhaps I should get what you have perhaps you could advise where to get it from and any other details you may have.Thanks very much for your help.

  mrwoowoo 16:22 12 Feb 2010

Plenty of places to buy from.
click here#
I got mine from GAME as they have a store near me so i popped in. Only had the ordinary 360 controller ( what the difference is i don't know)
The assistant said it would play any PC game just like the games for windows and so far it has.
You could still try reinstalling your Saitek controller driver in safe mode. Might be ok, you never know.

  ponytail 23:31 13 Feb 2010

Just wondered if anyone out there has used one of these devises or still uses one.

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