jimbojetset69 19:26 08 May 2012

can some one tell me what does over clocking do ,to some one who does not over clock does the person who overclocks has a upper hand i dont like the cheat word if it means a advantage to some one using exact same set up as a none over clocker it baffle me as i am a large noob lol

  frybluff 20:11 10 May 2012

Overclocking is, basically, increasing the clock speed, of a processor, to improve performance. It will have down sides, in terms of heat production, and reliability.

It's certainly not cheating, any more than tuning up your car's engine, if you want to take it racing. Just beware, in both cases, you will probably invalidate any warranty.

  jimbojetset69 21:19 10 May 2012

well frybluff thank you for taking your time to reply back to me so i think there is no point in me asking someone to over clock my new gear then so thank you for clearing that up for me cheers

  frybluff 21:41 10 May 2012

Personally, I wouldn't, particularly with new kit, from a "mainstream" manufacturer, because of the potential warranty issue. However, for a lot of ardent gamers, it's the first thing they WOULD do. It's a personal choice.

  manoj9585 11:16 07 Jul 2012

Overclocking is the process of making a computer or component operate faster than the specified clock frequency by the manufacturer by modifying system parameters.

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