other mercenaries 2: world in flames question

  morgueman 10:58 12 Sep 2008

Hello, anyone playing this one yet? Got it the other day and having trouble with it, got stuck in the presidents villa and the tank!
Still not quite sure about this game, some of the graphics looks abit basic at times and the damn camera angle keeps chaging all the time, half the time i'm looking through trees and bushes and cant see a thing!

  RickyC :-) 22:17 15 Sep 2008

With the tank, you have to get close to the turret and then press 'E'. After this, when the tank driver pops his head out, press 'F'. Once you've slapped the pistol out of his hand, you need to keep tapping the SPACE bar... This will allow you to struggle with him and eventually you grab the grenade, give him what's sometimes referred to as a 'Glasgow Kiss' and your character then pulls the pin from the grenade and drops it inside the tank. You're then free to drive the tank around.

That's all assuming you're playing the PC version. If it's a console you're using, I'm afraid I've no idea...

Hope that helps

Software Editor

  morgueman 14:55 16 Sep 2008

thanks for that software ed, although have to admit, my son showed me how to do it!! its the pc version, have you gone online with it, i've tried and only end up playing with one other person!! is that right?

  RickyC :-) 16:22 16 Sep 2008

Yes, morgueman, when you play online you have a partner who helps you complete the missions. To be honest, I've found that's the best way to complete any of the missions. The other player is invariably far more accomplished at the game than I am (I'm feeling my age)

  morgueman 20:52 16 Sep 2008

So are you still playing against other people online? Is it just one person then, are you not playing against several people like in most online games? Or am i just showing my age also?

  RickyC :-) 09:18 17 Sep 2008

Because of the nature of the game (i.e. you only have a choice of which mercenary to be), you can only ever play in 'co-op' mode with one other player. If you know someone else with the game, you can set it up to play with that person - otherwise you just have a random other player who's also playing online at the time.

The style of gameplay isn't suited to the Quake-type massive-multiplayer online games...

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