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Optimal price for gaming PC?

  noregrets 14:22 22 Feb 2019

What is the optimal price for good gaming PC with middle characteristics? I really need a new PC, but have not enough money for that. Need your piece of advice in order to understand how much money I should earn. Thanks in advance!

  Forum Editor 17:52 22 Feb 2019

"Custom built pc's regardless of where you get one from are better value for money because they don't have " middle man price hike " like high street shops so in the end you get more for your money."

That's not necessarily true. Market factors operate in technology as in any other commercial area, and at the moment you will probably be better off if you buy a ready-made machine.

As with lots of things in life, you can spend a great deal of money on a top-of-the-range machine, but you don't have to do that in order to get a computer that will perform pretty well, straight out of the box.

  martd7 21:20 22 Feb 2019

My advice would be try CCL computers,I've customised one of their pcs,Intel I5 8500,16gb ram,240gb SSD,2tb Seagate hard drive, MSI Gaming motherboard,optical drive,500w PSU,Nvidia 1060 3gb,Creative Z soundcard,Edimax WiFi,Windows 10

Price: £950

MJS Pc Specialist can't get near that spec for the price

  Forum Editor 17:45 23 Feb 2019


Feel free to disagree with me, but what I say is a fact - the technology market can change rapidly, and things are considerably different now than they were two and a half years ago, when you bought your machine.

This isn't the place to have a protracted discussion about the complexities of the market - I simply wanted to point out that your sweeping statement that "Custom built pc's regardless of where you get one from are better value for money" is not necessarily true.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:15 07 Apr 2019

I have always thought the optimum price for a new PC, is the maximum you can reasonably afford.

  garcia_john11 11:20 01 Jul 2019

it depends on your budget, usually a gaming pc costs from $800 to $10000, it varies from specs to specs like graphics card, ram size and ssd capacity etc.

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