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Only getting an output through HDMI

  JamieA 18:39 29 Mar 2020

So my pc is still running Windows 7 but I don't think this will have too much of an effect on the problem but might be necessary for the solution.

I have a graphics card with HDMI and DVI outputs and a monitor with VGA and DVI inputs. The built in graphics card has DVI VGA and HDMI and I have a TV with HDMI and VGA.

With multiple wires, to make sure it's not the wires, I have tried every possibility and the only two that work is HDMI to HDMI, however I don't want my pc to output to my TV I just used the TV to make sure the monitor wasn't broken. I can't think of anything else to do and all drivers are up to date.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  BRYNIT 22:57 30 Mar 2020

I have read your post several times and still cannot understand what question you are asking?

Are you trying to connect a Monitor to your computer?

Are you having problems connecting Monitor to PC via DVI?

If the answer to the 2 questions are yes try turning computer off connect PC from graphics card to Monitor via DVI turn PC back on and see if you get anything on the monitor if this does not work turn PC off disconnect from power and press power button for 30 seconds remove graphics card, connect pc to Monitor via onboard graphics and reboot if this does not work you may have a problem with the DVI port on your monitor.

  Forum Editor 09:38 31 Mar 2020

As I understand it, you are saying that when you connect the graphics cards to your monitor you get no signal via DVI. Your monitor has no HDMI input.

You get a signal when you connect the HDMI outputs on either of your graphics cards to the HDMI input on your TV.

Does that sum up the problem? If it does, I agree with Brynit - there may be a fault on the DVI input on the monitor.

  JamieA 10:27 31 Mar 2020

Yes that's what I mean, however both the TV and monitor have VGA inputs and I've connected both VGA outputs and got no signal every time.

At first I also thought it might be the DVI input however with VGA not working from graphics or built-in to either the TV or Monitor it seems unlikely?

  wee eddie 12:04 31 Mar 2020

Does the Monitor exhibit a "No Signal" logo or script.

  Forum Editor 15:08 31 Mar 2020

The fact that your computer is still running Windows 7 is an indication that it is not exactly in the first flush of youth. Perhaps the same goes for the monitor?

This might be the time to consider investing in some new hardware.

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