Nvidia GTX 295 - Disable Multi-GPU issue.

  stroud330 16:28 11 Dec 2012

Hi Guys, This is my first post here, I wonder if you can offer any advice?

I've got the following specs..

CPU: i7 920 MOTHERBOARD: Foxconn Flaming Blade Motherboard RAM: 8GB RAM HARDRIVE: 1 TB 7200 HD VIDEO: NVID GTX 295 Video Card O/S: WINDOWS 7 64 PSU: Power Supply 750w Good case with Fans etc

My PC runs fine, runs Cubase 7 with loads of plug ins, Photoshop etc all with no problems. When I try to play a game however I've been getting BSOD or freezing, forcing me to Ctrl/alt/delete my way out of it or just switching PC off. Recent games such as Crysis 2 or Arma2, DayZ etc all load and start fine but then freeze or BSOD within a couple of minutes. I've got upto date drivers for everything, I've checked RAM, hard drives etc, but last night I switched off multi GPU and I was able to play a game of DayZ for the first time ever.

Do you think this mean my Video card needs replacing or could it be a power supply or software issue?

All my software is legit btw. Also just to say, I've tried rolling back drivers, re installing windows etc, I'm left feeling that it's probably a hardware fault, but this isn't my area of expertise.

Thanks for the help.


  stroud330 18:07 11 Dec 2012

Hi mate, the nvidia gtx 295 is effectively two cards in one, you can turn multi gpu on (ie: both cards on) or turn it off (running just a single card) in the nvidia control panel.



  Chronos the 2nd 07:02 12 Dec 2012

Can you provide a link to your Nvidia GPU?

  stroud330 08:55 12 Dec 2012
  stroud330 10:16 12 Dec 2012

Thanks Dr Yes, I'll look into the temp monitoring situation.

  retep888™ 12:10 12 Dec 2012

This is a well known issue of the early version of twin GPU GTX295, overheating in extensive gaming.

I'd 2x these GTX295 from Gainward (still got them but retired & boxed up) in Qual Sli some years ago, I put them in a Coolermaster full tower. I drilled rows of 1" diameter of holes on the 1mm solid aluminium side panel as well as cut out 2 holes on an internal hinged plastic Graphic cards protecting cover for 2x 120mm fans .

Together with other cooling fans this kept the cards cool, had no problem whatsoever for years playing games extensively hours a day ,mind you these cards are hot & worse if there are 2 in a system.

Take the side panel off & stick a desk fan or similar to blow direct into the GTX295(with both GPU enabled), if you can play games without glitch then you should know what the culprit is.

  stroud330 14:30 13 Dec 2012

Thanks for all the suggestions guys,

assuming nothing works and it seems like the Graphics Card is faulty, could anyone recommend an alternative?

My motherboard is Foxconn Flaming Blade GTI.


Many thanks


  retep888™ 15:49 13 Dec 2012

The GTX295 is still a very powerful although supports DX10 only card, I'd say it's nearly as good as GTX480 but expensive to get now.

A GTX560ti or GTX570 should be a good alternative IMHO .

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