Nvidia Forceware, update

  wolfie3000 11:07 26 Sep 2008

Update for Nvidia cards.

Xp update,
click here

Vista update,
click here

Remember people if it aint broken then dont fix it,
This is just a reminder that the new ones came out today.

  crosstrainer 08:02 27 Sep 2008

Updated my Vista SLI yesterday, no issues. Have not done the SLI XP machine yet.

  wolfie3000 19:31 27 Sep 2008

No problems here with mine either, if anything some games are getting slightly high fps.

  crosstrainer 07:46 30 Sep 2008

Contains the new Phyisx contol panel for cards that can use it. Makes a huge difference on both SLI machines.

  iqs 20:56 03 Oct 2008

I have a single BFG 8800 GT,do I need to download this update or not?.

Thank you

  wolfie3000 23:23 03 Oct 2008

Well if your graphics card is working and you have no major issues in games then no you dont.

  crosstrainer 04:45 04 Oct 2008

You don't have to, but your card can take advantage of the new Physix driver, and as you are playing Crysis, I think it would be worth it.

  iqs 16:15 04 Oct 2008

Hi,do I uninstall the old graphics card driver first,then install this software?.

  mrwoowoo 17:36 04 Oct 2008

Nowadays manufacturers generally supply downloadable drivers in the form of self-extracting files that simply need to be downloaded and double-clicked. Increasingly drivers distributed in this way even take care of uninstalling superseded driver versions,so there is no need to uninstall the old driver first.
Go to nvidia.com or ati.com and get to the driver download area. Navigate to the drivers for your card, and download the most recent drivers. When they're saved somewhere on your pc, double click on the driver installer, and just follow the instructions.

  crosstrainer 11:02 05 Oct 2008

As mrwoowoo say's, just overwrite them:

click here

Re-boot as asked, and off you go :))

  iqs 12:27 05 Oct 2008

thanks for the advice,cheers

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