Nintendo Wii

  nosharpe 12:25 02 Jul 2008

My wife & I bought a Nintendo Wii in February this year and really enjoyed playing Wii Sports.
About a month or so after, I decided to expand my games collection and purchased Mario & Sonic at the Olympics.
Initially I thought the game was really fun but that feeling only lasted for a week.
The game just got really annoying.

I then decided to purchase Tiger Woods 2008.
What could be better for the Wii than this game.
Well, soon after playing I discovered the game had loads of bugs in it - the type you get when a product has not been thoroughly tested.

I honestly think the software developed for the Wii isn't up to scratch.

The biggest disappointment with the Wii is that is doesn't allow multiplayer modes on any games I know, not even Call of Duty 3 (COD4 wasn't released on the Wii - I wonder why!!!!)

I've now decided that the Wii's wireless capability is quite useless for anything except surfing the internet and participating in mindless surveys and Mii competitions.

I would sell it if my wife didn't still enjoy playing Wii Sports.
Bring on Wii Sports 2 for more variety.

  elchris 18:35 17 Jul 2008

I reckon that the one really good thing about the wii is that the whole family has a really good laugh on it . I nearly died laughing watching hubby doing the hula hoop on Smooth moves.
In fact, it`s on my phone in case I ever need to blackmail him .

  darkreign 18:58 10 Jul 2008 betcha. I spent ages arguing with the missus to let me buy one, (she'd only let me buy the wii cos "i wanna play with the wavy thingy").

Now that i've got it, i have to hope nintendo gets out of the kiddies room and do more for the wii.


  nosharpe 23:50 07 Jul 2008

Ah, it's pleasing to see an optimist.

My big gripe with the Wii is that the online multiplayer functionality is non-existent.
I have recently read that Mario Kart affords this so I may just give it 1 last chance and buy that game.

The big problem for Nintendo is that they need servers to be able to host online multiplayer games.
Lets hope they spend some of the mega millions they have earned off the Wii for this purpose.

  darkreign 11:10 05 Jul 2008

...for the wii. I've not played much on other platforms, but some of the games i've played on the wii, i've enjoyed/liked purely because of its control system. Prince of persia (rival swords) is interesting for the brilliant use (in my view)of the wii mote and nunchuck.

Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4, No more heroes, are other games that are enjoyable on the wii. I certainly would suggest trying these games before you get rid of your wii. Borrow them if you can (lovefilm do free trial periods).

Finally, granted that the games on the wii for the more mature player are few and far between, and the ones currently available are also available on other formats, but keep your chin up there is hope yet.


  kalignorgna 14:52 03 Jul 2008

are there any good games on this platform (not including ones u can get on others) at all?? i think the only ones that look half good are red steal (sword fights) and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
also if you whant to get fit you go to the gym, take a walk or a ride on ur bike so what is the point of a wii board anyway unless of corse your a american who eats mac D ten time a day ride in taxis everyware and your exersise is pressing a button.

  nosharpe 12:33 03 Jul 2008

I wouldn't be wasting £80 or so on a WiiFit

  morgueman 16:22 02 Jul 2008

Hello nosharpe, i'm still playing the sport games, still like the tennis and boxing and hoping to get a shooting game soon! Also, the Wii Fit, the exercise one with the board is out , if its in stock, so that may be worth taking alook at!

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