new railway empire makes my pc work hard

  KEITH 1955 22:39 08 Feb 2018

ok so I am using the new railway empire made by the tropico guys , my rig cost 3k and its heart is a gtx 1080 that runs circles round everything ... not bragging just saying .... on the face of it railway empire looks good but not demanding on recourses so why does my huge notura cpu fan and g card fans go fast on this game,

  Menzie 00:34 09 Feb 2018

For games it can be anything from background calculations to just poorly optimised code.

I don't have that particular title myself but some games I find on my older system (290x) vary greatly in performance.

BF4 for instance can chug with all the candy on but Doom runs flawlessly.

  KEITH 1955 11:24 10 Feb 2018

UPDATE TO THREAD..... I posted the same comments on the games discussion page in my steam client , this snowballed and lots of other contacted me to say they got the same problem , eventually the devs posted that they know " something is swallowing cpu and g card power but not sure what .... they are asking for details of everyones pc who has the problem..... watch this space.

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