New PC Build (Updated) Is it compatible?

  Xx_Luke_13xX 00:55 24 Dec 2015

My budget was £600 and this is what I came up with:


Gigabyte GTX960 Windforce 2X Cooler OC NVIDIA Graphics Card 4GB


Intel Core 6M Cache,3.90 GHz Processor (i5-660


MSI Z170-A PRO Intel S1151 DDR4 USB3.0 PCIe SATA3 M.2 ATX


Corsair Vengeance 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) DDR4 2400 MHz High Performance Desktop Memory Module Black


WD Black 1TB 64MB Cache Hard Disk Drive SATA 6 Gb/s 150MB/s 7200rpm - OEM


Corsair 650 Watt VS650 Standard ATX PSU/Power Supply


Cooler Master RR-212E-16PK-R1 Hyper 212 Evo "Ultra High Performance, 4 Direct Contact Heat Pipes, Universal CPU Cooler" Black Fan


CiT Goblin Mesh Gaming Case Black/Green Interior USB3 12cm Green LED Toolless

I was hoping to play games such as Skyrim and BO3 possibly Battlefront, please tell me what this build can achieve and how compatible each part is with the other, thanks.

  Jollyjohn 11:22 24 Dec 2015

My standard advice for this type of question is to purchase the Motherboard, CPU and RAM from the same supplier and specify you expect them to work together.

  Xx_Luke_13xX 12:43 24 Dec 2015

Same supplier as in brand or website? Because if your asking for the same website, sadly it costs a lot more on the same one than from different sources ;-;

  Devil Fish 22:31 25 Dec 2015

that build will breeze through Skyrim. Black Ops 3 can only find minimum spec, Your build is well above the minimum requirements so would suspect you would get a mid to high performance but don,t expect to max out .Battlefront all good except graphics card which is just below recommended so again a mid to hi setting but not a max out

I assume you meant the I5 6600k processor which is fine if you did mean I5 660 then that is not compatible with your board the 660 is a socket LGA 1156 processor

  Jollyjohn 11:02 26 Dec 2015

I mean website / shop. If you purchase the components from different suppliers and there is a problem you could end up just getting passed from one supplier to the other, each blaming the others components. If you purchase the core components from the same supplier and state you want them to work together this will form part of your contract with the supplier. If there is a problem with any of the components then you have only one supplier to deal with and they cannot claim the components are not compatible.

With reference to the last part of Devil Fish reply, a good supplier will advise of incompatible CPU for the motherboard you have selected.

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