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  Ben9000uk 13:27 22 Jun 2008

In a couple of days my new computer will arrive and i was wondering if it would be good enough to run current games on high graphics. Here are the specs

Antec Nine Hundred
493 x 206 x 468mm / Side Window
9 Drive Bays / Tri Cool Exhaust System

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700
4x 2.66 GHz
2x 4MB Cache
1066MHz FSB

OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Platinum 4GB Dual Channel

Asus Striker Extreme
Socket 775 / 1066MHz FSB
Dual Channel DDR2 800 / SATA II
8ch Audio / PCI-E / SLI / 680i

GeForce 8800GT
1GB / PCI-Express
Dual-Link DVI

320GB SATA 7,200 rpm hard drive

180GB 7,200rpm SATA Hard drive

2x DVD writer +-r, +-rw

650W Power supply

Any comments are appreciated. I would also like to know of any games or programs that can utilise a quad core cpu. I know crysis can but are there any others currently available.

  citadel 15:11 22 Jun 2008

looks a great pc, for games supreme commander can use quad plus its a great game and you get forged alliance with it now. assassins creed can do quad.

  crosstrainer 15:40 22 Jun 2008

Is your graphics card....Not even a GTS? Better of with at least that, and better still a 8800GTX, maybe you can squeeze them on the graphics?

Otherwise it will eat most things easily...Crysis and the like may struggle at medium settings with that card though.

  DrScott 18:09 23 Jun 2008

is a superb card and excellent value. The GTS is marginally better provided its the newer of the versions. Certainly for the 1680 x 1050 it's perfect. The GT can be overclocked.

Your CPU is perfectly fine, though the Q6600 has slightly more bangs per buck and is very overclockable.

The case is very good - I have one! Though it is a dust trap. Some dust filters on the fans (or even old tights) are a good idea. I didn't bother and was slightly horrified by the mess in my case!

Still, a decent system. Who's making it?

  mrwoowoo 18:40 23 Jun 2008

Only ones i know of for quad uttilization are...
Supreme Commander and expansion
Hellgate London
Alan Wake (sept 2th) (which apparently looks amazing on a quad core as this game is mainly cpu dependent not gpu)
Unreal Tournament 3 (Unreal 3 engine is capable of using 4 cores)

  Ben9000uk 20:21 23 Jun 2008

ccl click here are making it though im fitting the psu, hard drives and dvd drives. Its arriving tommorow.
The graphics card should do fine for now though i may upgrade it in a year, probalby for nvidias new GTX 200, buts thats far off.
How much should i overclock cpu and graphics by. I want to stay very much in the safe zone, i dont want to break my new computer so a safe estimate would be appreciated. Very safe though.
Good about UT3 as i allready have it and its a brilliant game. Anyone know about command and conquer tiberian wars (the new one) with quad cores?

  kent85 22:43 23 Jun 2008


I'm looking to purchase a pc for gaming, i need it to be able to play all the latest fps games online with no problems.

I have no knowledge of pc's so building one myself is not going to happen.

I would be very grateful to anyone who can advice on which games pc's are the best on the market. Im looking at a budget of around £800 but will stretch if anyone thinks a bit more money would make a good difference in quality.

Thanks for your time

  kent85 22:46 23 Jun 2008

sorry ment to post new topic

  crosstrainer 07:06 24 Jun 2008

I have a Turbo cooling system in this quad core machine.....I have to clean the (easily removable) filters once a fortnight.

God knows where all the dust comes from...But they do an excellent job as nothing seems to get into the case.

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