A New Gaming PC For A Newbie

  TristanJ 01:24 12 Dec 2016

Hey guys, really new to this website and to this forum so bear with me.

I decided that I wanted to start playing games on my PC, rather than the PS4 and Wii U that I currently own.

Unfortunately, I don't have the know-how or understand the concepts that well. As we speak, I've been reading articles, forums and have been web-surfing trying to get the gist of what I need and where I can find it.

I've come to the conclusion that as a beginner, I'm going to buy a pre-built PC to get me started. I'm going to be using this game for playing games like Dead By Daylight, Unturned, and Steam-released games. My budget is about $1,000 but I could stretch that out a bit more if need be.

I just need some advice on what to get. Thanks in advance.

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  Archonar 09:33 12 Dec 2016

I'm just going to give you my opinion on some of the key components you'll need, other people will probably disagree with me but that's the nature of choosing a pc.

Processor - Intel vs. AMD, this has always been the big battle, my opinion is that if your budget is constricted AMD is definitely the way to go, but if you can afford it Intel gives the better performance at the top end. Personally I think your budget warrants an Intel processor. I would recommend an I5 processor like the 6600 (the 6600k is the same processor but it's overclockable, something you might look at in the future). They are the standard for intel based gaming machines and won't struggle to handle pretty much any game you throw at it. An I7 would give slightly better performance but I don't think its worth the cost unless you're planning to do some video editing or other processor intensive work. I would also recommend a specialist cpu cooler such as the Hyper 212 evo or a liquid system. (The website I have linked below allows you to choose from a large number) rather than the stock cooler since the stock ones will tend to let your processer get hotter which can cause issues with your system.

RAM - I would recommend about 8 or 16gb, 16gb is preferred for more multitasking but if you get 8 now it's very easy to add more if you want to in the future. Anything more at the moment would be overkill I think. I would also recommend DDR4 ram, though if you find one you like that has DDR3 then don't stress it too much.

Graphics Card - Now we're at what makes a 'gaming pc' special, this, along with the processor, is where the cost shoots up. Again there's the Nvidia vs AMD battle. I have always been an Nvidia user, and have always found their cards to be very good so will recommend one of those. Others will report the same about an AMD card so it's up to you really.

Storage - This really depends on what you can find, I would highly recommend getting a pc with an SSD if you can, the difference in speed during Boot and game loading times is incredible. You will probably notice it less in games, but when your computer takes seconds to boot up you'll never want to go back to standard HDD's. Even if you just have a 128gb SSD for your operating system and a 1tb hard drive for your games you will still get the benefits of a fast OS.

Here is a link to the CyberpowerPC website: click here, its a great website because you can customise every aspect of your pc, meaning you can get as much or as little as you can afford. I would recommend filtering it to I5 processors just to narrow the options down a bit, and all the I5 pc's fall into your price range which is good. Feel free to change it if you think a different processor would be better. Have a look around, build one that you like and feel free to send us a link to your customisation and I or another one of the guys on here will be happy to give our opinions on the build and any changes we think you should make.

Best of luck with choosing a pc!

  VitorCaval 13:16 15 Dec 2016

Thats right, my mom had bought me a new PC at the age of eight. At that time my favorite online games were snooker, poker, pool table etc. It was really best experience of that new PC with advance feature. I call Avenger to it.

  TristanJ 08:33 17 Dec 2016

@Archonar Thanks so much for your help! I'll give that website a look when I have the time. For the time being though, I was wondering if this PC would be okay as a starter, how much I would pay for it (recommended price), and what upgrades I would need to do to it to make it a feasible gaming pc;

"Core i7 (Custom-Built) Gaming Tower - $700" - Intel Core i7 2600 @ 3.4GHz - 8GB DDR3 - 1TB SATA 7200rmps - CHOOOSE NEW GRAPHIC CARD: - Option 1: AMD Radeon R7 370 4GB DDR5 4K display support - Option 2: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB DDR5 - 500W power supply - Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit - DVD-RW/USB 3.0/HDMI/DVI/VGA

Aside from my friend suggesting a power supply and upgrading to Windows 10, he didn't really give me anything else to look out for for this PC. Although he did say that the Intel Core i7 2600 is 6 years old and I might need to upgrade to something better for that as well. It's for sale on Kijiji, so I might be able to bargain it down for a better price.

Also, I live in Canada so would Memory Express be a good place to look for those parts? Or should I just stick to the site you linked me to previously?

Thanks again!

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