New build 1800$ gaming pc

  Mohamed Alali 15:20 10 Jan 2019


Can someone help me choose my parts for a 1800$ gaming pc (only gaming and a CPU with a good amount of threads and cores) without the monitor would help if you include the mouse and keyboard (don't need but if you could ) i would like

Intel and Nvidia (the graphics card is RTX 2070 for 657 USD with battlefield v bundle) so the GPU is already selected just need a good build RGB themed with LAN cable thanks.

P.S: I'm getting my parts from a site called and here are the parts I'm getting from that site click here (If you can get the parts from that site would be really helpful thanks 1800$ is 6612 in aed or my country's currency)

(Going to overclock but like 4-6 months after usage) last thing: 4 (least) case fans and I'm a first time builder so if someone can help on building these would be appreciated (like with tools or if there is an error or something)

Sorry for asking for a lot just a little nervous because the thought of breaking something is killing me

EDIT : it can be amd or ryzen just need a good build and i am gonna be having 1080p 144hz monitor (dont include in the 1800$ build just saying) the monitor is optix g24c

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