Need to upgrade my GPU.... Advice needed

  Sulfureus 11:40 03 Jan 2017


I'm looking to upgrade my GPU but want to know what is the best and what will fit my pc, just looking for the best possible performance/results with the board,CPU and PSU I have.

I'm running AMD Phenom II X4 955 with an ASRock M3A785GXH/128 M/Board and 300w PSU UNIT (Zoostorm LPA-300C ATX) with 5gb RAM.

My current GPU is 1024 NVIDIA GEFORCE 9400 gt

Any Ideas?

Thank you

  Archonar 13:18 03 Jan 2017

I would highly recommend that you also upgrade your psu, as it will severely limit the choice of GPU's at the moment.

  Sulfureus 13:22 03 Jan 2017

Any recommendations? And also what options I have available to me in regards to GPU's?

  Archonar 13:49 03 Jan 2017

Here is a list of all GPU's with their PSU 'requirements', these are not always entirely accurate as sometimes you can have a lesser PSU and get away with it but personally I wouldn't recommend it. With 300W you're going to struggle - click here

As for recommendations - choose a GPU first and then a PSU that will power the whole system, that way you are free to choose any components rather than being limited by your PSU.

  Sulfureus 13:52 03 Jan 2017

Thank you

  JordanMihailov 18:37 03 Jan 2017

I would say 1050ti could be your option.

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