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Need Suggestions! Rocket league controllers?

  albertswiley 11:29 08 Sep 2018

I have just installed the rocket league. But I can't configure the controller settings! (mainly camera and video settings). I am not the game enthusiast. But I would love to play this rocket league game.

I have made a little research on the topic. I get to know that DualShock and Steam Controller are most preferred. Which one should I consider? I hope someone will reply to this thread.

  thapkguy 04:23 06 Oct 2018

DualShock or Stream controller would be best. Dualshock is highly recommended. Search Google for DualShock reviews, you will get tons of resources. You also need to know about the settings to enjoy this game.

click here [camera settings] [click here]2 [control settings]

now enjoy the game.

  albertswiley 07:00 06 Oct 2018

Thank you. I have watched the youtube videos. I will apply those tips. I believe you have played Rocket League previously. Yes, Dualshock will be a great choice. But can you please recommend some other brands. I would like to know more about the rocket league controllers. I have also found a resource, click here

Please share your thoughts.

  thapkguy 06:23 08 Oct 2018

Hi, As I mentioned earlier, You can consider the Dualshok as the best option for rocket league gaming. However, you can check this resources too. click here, click here, click here this helps.


  albertswiley 04:56 10 Oct 2018

Thanks again man

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