George-O272 13:19 02 Dec 2017

Hi, I am going to buy Assassins Creed Origins and Call of Duty WW2 for PC and want to know roughly how long they would take to download and if you can download them both at the same time. Thanks

  Jollyjohn 15:28 02 Dec 2017

Depends entirely upon your broadband speed. Do you know your download speed? If not google for Speedtest from Ookla

  George-O272 17:04 02 Dec 2017

Just downloaded the app and tested, it says that download speeds are at 49.43 Mbps.

  George-O272 17:12 02 Dec 2017

However on my pc in the kitchen it says 16.3 Mbps

  wee eddie 19:12 02 Dec 2017

What connection, to your ISP has each PC got. One assumes the faster of the two is connected directly to your Router

  Menzie 19:49 04 Dec 2017

Just start the download in Steam or whatever overnight and use a script to shut down the PC in the time quoted.

If it doesn't finish it will simply download the rest the next day, or whenever the PC is started.

Do download speeds really matter that much?

  George-O272 21:36 04 Dec 2017

If I plug an Ethernet cable into my pc and router and download both games at the same time how long do you estimate it to take? Let’s say that the internet speed is 50Mbps for example

  George-O272 21:37 04 Dec 2017

Also I am not getting the games through steam

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