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Need help for pc gaming for my pc

  ShohaibZ 12:57 18 Jan 2017

Hello everyone, I'm here to ask that i want to upgrage my pc graphics.

My pc specs

Intel Pentium dual core 3.0GhZ 2GB RAM Intel HD Graphics

I'm getting very low graphics and fps on games. Is this necessary to upgrade both gpu and core? Because i want to upgrade only someone can help me for some suggestions? Thank You

  Archonar 17:41 18 Jan 2017

You don't have to upgrade the cpu, just adding a GPU would be fine. Your CPU isn't hugely fast though so it might struggle with more demanding games, maybe worth a thought.

I would, however, recommend also upgrading your ram, as 2gb is a very small amount of RAM to be gaming with.

In terms of suggestions, we will probably need some more information, what is your power supply? What is the make and model of your pc (for additional specs and dimensions?

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