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Need help with monitor for my gaming pc build

  L Noitra 10:27 20 Apr 2019

I need some urgent help plz. 1.Will rtx 2060 go with 60hz monitor? Will it cause screen tearing? 2.Is the solution to the question no 1 is playing game with rtx mode on? I heard while rtx mode is on it gives like 40fps so it should be enough for 60hz? 3.Ive seen monitors with 75hz freesync , so are they 75hz included freesync and if I use nvidia card will it be 60hz? Thanks in advance :)

  oftmarshall678 16:18 06 Aug 2019

It will go, yet 60hz is better for online competitve games such as FOrtnite. IF oyu are going to play new games to go for 144hz

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