Need help with making gaming pc better

  owenegan19 21:25 16 Apr 2017

I recently bought a pre built gaming PC for around £400 but have noticed that it often struggles when playing certain games. How can I improve it? *AMD A10 quad core. A10 7850k. Processor speed 3.7GHz. 8GB RAM. * Bought Radeon RX460 2GB graphics card too as it was recommended to me but it seems to be struggling as of late and crashes quite a lot.

  Archonar 10:54 17 Apr 2017

A £400 gaming pc will always struggle - the average gaming pc is in the £1000 region. The GPU will run most games fine, but will struggle with more modern titles, especially those running DirectX 12.

We need to know how much you are willing to spend before we can recommend anything

  Forum Editor 11:11 17 Apr 2017

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  Samip Lamchane Gurung 12:52 17 Apr 2017

Yes the answers depends on what your budget is and what sort of games are you planning to play.

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