Need help building a gaming PC £750 budget for Arma 3 and DayZ

  MightyGoose 17:24 26 Sep 2014

Hi guys, just recently started my new job and i have finally built up some savings for me to buy a gaming PC and i have never built a gaming PC before, thats why im here. My budget is £750 which will include monitor, keyboard and mouse oh and the operating system. Im not up on what sort of stuff to buy for my gaming PC to build it i only have experience building a regular crappy pc in my computer course.

Im looking to run ARMA 3 and DayZ at a good level if possible, any help and tips would be great as i really don't know where to start, where to buy it all from etc, a lot of people have told me its better to build your own custom gaming PC as it tends to be cheaper and you can build around what games you want to play.

Sorry if i have not added enough detail, i will add more if need be.

Thanks to anyone helping me in advance.

  MightyGoose 13:03 28 Sep 2014

Anyone please?

  martd7 10:45 29 Sep 2014

Why not buy an already built pc,nowadays its sometimes as cheap,try

Chillblast,ccl,Dino pc,yoyotech

Numerous company's do good pcs

  martd7 10:55 29 Sep 2014

Palicomp seem to get good reviews

click here

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