Need advice for new playing games/making games build

  kaza1205 15:58 12 Dec 2012

Hey guys, I'm looking to build a rig for making/playing games, ill be using software like Unity 4, Photoshop, Blender etc so there will be alot of rendering etc..

Id like to be able to play bf3, bo2, planetside 2, Dayz and definitely far cry 3. don't really care about max graphics, but id like them to look good :]

I have put a few ideas together myself, but i haven't got the best knowledge when it comes to building pc's, not sure if they are all compatible etc so this is where id need your help :]

So far i have put this together, feel free to tell me if its rubbish etc :p any ideas will help :]

Intel Core i5 - 2500k - 114 pound

Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H - 93.64

Zotac AMP! ZT-50302-10M - 130.94

Kingston HyperX Blu 2x4GB - 41 pound

Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS (1TB) - 37 pound

Kingston HyperX 120 GB Internal SSD Serial ATA-600 2.5" Black, aluminium 3K - 56 pound

This totals at - 472.58

Thats without a power supply and case though.

Budget, Roughly 500 pound, if i can get it cheaper then happy days :] I have 2 monitors, so they dont need included in the budget, i have mouse, keyboard also, I need a new:

  • Processor
  • Motherboard
  • Graphics Card
  • RAM
  • HDD
  • SSD
  • Power Supply

I live in the UK by the way :] Any help is appreciated :]

  nickf 11:24 15 Dec 2012

Try going on one of the custom PC builders websites , they have customizing pages , so you can play around and see what you can get for your hard earned cash . you can get a reasonable case / PSU combo for around £25 . As an example , tho you may want to get more fans . As for the rest of the gear you are looking at , all seems pretty reasonable , could try this for memory . I use vengeance ram ,had no probs with it , and is slightly cheaper at £37 , SSD is ok , but I would double check that price , looks a bit too cheap .

  frybluff 21:04 16 Dec 2012

Whilst Z77 mobos are compatible (at least the better ones) with Sandybridge processors, they are intended for Ivybridge, and, with Sandybridge, are not fully utilised.

If you want to use an unlocked processor, the i5-3570K performs better, is better suited to Z77, at minimal additional cost. To be honest though, unless you specifically want the ability to overclock processor, it would be more cost effective to use, say, i5-3470 and a H77 mobo. That would free up some funds, perhaps, for better quality elsewhere. Bear in mind, if you want to OC CPU, you will need an aftermarket cooler, the stock one isn't adequate.

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