Name your Game.

  Awshum 22:02 17 Jan 2010

Just stopped playing Tekken 6. The campaign mode is woeful and will go back at some point to finish it. Might start inFamous now as that's been on the shelf for too long.

  gengiscant 09:01 18 Jan 2010

I found the controls in Resident Evil 5 rubbish, did not get past the first level. Its on Ebay now.

  wolfie3000 18:38 18 Jan 2010

Currently in Perfect World in the city of Ethersword,

Hoping to make some 4 socket armour but am running out of materials so will need to spend some time farming for them.

Also looking to buy a black horse with 2x hastey boots on.

Will buy one for 100,000 gold or will swap for an ashura necklace that i picked up in city of tear.

Also thinking about raiding a level 30 dungeon tonight if i have the time, gonna solo it as i have awesome AOE skills, hopefully il get some molds to drop.

all depends if i have the time.

  mrwoowoo 19:17 18 Jan 2010

Almost totally exhausted Fallout 3 GOYE. Only Operation Anchorage to go.
Halfway through SAW. It's ok if you like the films and lots of puzzles. The clunky combat's a bit of an issue.
Also playing Sabateur, and have just finished COD MW2. All on PC.

gengiscant.. Shame about Resi. I'm sure, if you gave it more time you would find the controls are quite good when you get used to them. I thought it was a great game. But we all have different tastes.

  gengiscant 09:09 19 Jan 2010

At the wrong side of 50,I really cannot be bothered with tricky controls or trying to master the thumb sticks of a xbox 360 controller.
Resi 4's controls were even worse so I am not sure why I bought Resi 5 in the first place,I should have realised that thing were unlikely to have been changed.Fancy not being able to shoot on the move, whats that all about?

Last year I bought myself a playstation 1 and a good few games I played way back when. Playing the Resident Evil games with the Dpad was not a problem, but from the first Xbox I was unable to master the controller. Must be my thumbs, lol.

  mrwoowoo 16:44 19 Jan 2010

I misunderstood. I played it on the PC and found the mouse/keyboard combination very good.
Not being able to shoot on the move is weird. But over all a great game (IMHO).
Just got an XBOX controller for the PC and am playing SAW with it. I prefer the PS3 controller though, mainly due to the R1/R2, L1/L2 buttons being awkward to use. Also can't grip it as well as the PS3 one as it's too smooth and shiny.
Resi 1, 2 and 3 on the Playstation..... Happy days.

  IClaudio 23:30 21 Jan 2010

At the wrong side of 50' - so, 40 then :)

My favourite game is the game I'm playing whenever you ask me.

For many years, it would have been Planetside, a great mix of strategy and action which suited my style of support rather than attack. I loved switching on the cloak device and sneaking into an enemy's HQ and hacking their computers - and Rez'ing a dead squadmate... but now it seems defunct, or at least, I can't get past the loading screen on Windows 7 :(

On my hard drive at the moment are Team Fortress 2 (a great blast and surprisingly subtle in terms of strategy and balancing teams) Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer (you even get rewarded for playing like a schmuck, which I can manage all too easily!) and DragonAge (shame no Multiplayer...)

I'm participating in the closed Beta of Allods, a WoW-like MMORPG, which is more of the same 'go there, kill 10 Raging Bulls and bring the heads to me', but its very pretty and there aren't any Gold Spammers yet - and you can ask Noob-ish questions and get a civil response...

Having Pre-ordered Mass Effect 2 (there was a code for special items in the DragonAge package), I found the original Mass Effect in PCGamer's top 100 all-time PCGames, snd discovered that you could carry over the characters from the old game into the new, so picked up Mass Effect 1 for a song.

It's fantastic! Beautiful cut scenes, great action and immersive, well-acted dialogue which actually makes you listen and learn, with believable back-stories and detailed alien cultures.

One scene is particularly well-done, a heart-wrenching side-story about a young woman held captive by Slave Traders since the age of 6. Your character, Commander Shepherd, has to persuade her to put down her gun and not blow her head off. The acting is sensational, and it's the first time I've actually wept while playing a game.

I'm looking forward to playing ME2...

...but where do I get the time to live real life?

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:57 25 Jan 2010

I call my game Sid.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:05 25 Jan 2010

Haven't been gripped by a game like this for a long time, 'wasted' best part of the weekend on it. PC version, I think you either love the graphics style or you'll hate it.

  dwaynedibbly 23:07 25 Jan 2010

Arthur Scrimshaw

gotta agree, Borderlands.

Brilliant game.
Playing it on PS3 for past couple of months. Finished it initially, now playing as another character within the game.

Also playing Batman Arkham Asylum, beautifully constructed game.

I have strayed from the PC for my gaming to the PS3, but what a joy these new consoles are.
No hassle installing, updating etc.
I`m not knocking the PC, cause still come back to it for the classics, (Dawn of War, Civ 3 etc).
Some of the very best gaming experiences are still on the PC.

Lets hope the game developers keep "pushing", because we "the players" will.

  Devil Fish 18:11 01 Feb 2010

unfortunatly borderlands has gone in the ooops what the hell was that box

currently have dragon age origin running

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