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name this game 2

  BeeWee 14:20 17 Jun 2009

this game i played many years ago on a pc...early 80's. it involved gathering keys (i think) and there was a princess a skree slope oh dear...can't remember much more than that i'm afraid

  [email protected] 19:18 17 Jun 2009

link's zelda?

  BeeWee 19:24 17 Jun 2009

hmmm that name doesn't ring any bells but if you could tell me a bit more about the game or point me in the right direction so i can read about it maybe something will "twig"

thank you for the response anyway

  BeeWee 19:30 17 Jun 2009

no ...that's not it because i just checked out zelda on google. it was an early to mid 80's game for the pc..i wish i could remember more about it. will rack my brain and see if i can think of some more clues!

  BeeWee 20:23 17 Jun 2009

I'VE GOT IT! WOW at last..I have been searching for this title for many months. Something clicked in my memory (it's taken a long time)

The game is: Twin Kingdom Valley
I used to play it on a BBC Micro.

Thank you so much for you replies!

  [email protected] 21:15 17 Jun 2009

nor me! glad you found out though.

  BeeWee 08:44 18 Jun 2009

UK Sub - that clip on you tube is so funny and brought back a lot of memories (mostly of my frustration) haha. How games have changed since those days! Thanks for finding it.

adman 2 - thank you for your help. I'm glad I found it too as it has been on my mind for a long time. The word "kingom" came to mind and I then googled 80's games with that word in the title.

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