My PC can't handle games lately, please help!

  gimmethesuga 14:28 01 Aug 2019

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but Hi! So, basically i've had this PC for 6 months, it has a AMD FX 9370 Eight Core Processor clocked at 4.42 ghz, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card, i also have a cpu cooler but i dont know brand or type. This PC was intended for gaming and has been great but recently it just can't handle games, even something as simple as minecraft. It's even started to struggle with basic things such as google chrome and spotify. It just gets so loud and then overheats itself and turns off. I downloaded Speedfan to see the temperatures and they're not even that high, right now as I'm writing this the temps are: GPU: 44C Temp1: 44C Temp2: 36C Temp3: -128C HD0: 36C Core: 25C I'm not sure what some of these mean but i hope it's helpful. But even at these temps, it's still really hot and loud and I do not understand. Can someone help? Thank you.

  wee eddie 14:54 01 Aug 2019

Things you have not yet have told us about yet, and we need to know:

What OS and other software are running most of the time?

What Anti Virus, Anti Malware, and Anti Adware, Software are you updating and running regularly?

When did you last clean dust out of the inside (forget that you have software that says that the temperatures are OK)?

  grumpy old man 17:14 01 Aug 2019

Depending on what operating sys you running 8 gb ram might not be enough to cope with a demanding game and background processes.

What games are you running and do you hear an increase in fan speeds whilst playing.

Not been funny but a gtx 970 might struggle with some of the more high tech games. Try the following , choose a game and drop all setting to lowest , if things work ok increase sliders bit by bit till you have a problem.

If you scan with Malwarebytes just for the hell of it and it finds something , do repeat scans till it finds nothing.

Run windows memory diagnosis tool , it wont tell you which ram stick is faulty but it will tell you if you got faulty ram.

As eddie says , get a can of air ( air duster ) and clean out pc , with it turned off of course. Make sure you hold the can vertical as the propellant will squirt out if you turn it sideways.

  wee eddie 19:20 01 Aug 2019

I am not sure about this but, I am quite surprised that you're using DDR3 RAM with that Processor. What MOBO are you using

  grumpy old man 23:32 01 Aug 2019

Hi eddie I picked up on ddr 3 but as you he did miss out on some info we need to help him

  oftmarshall678 16:17 06 Aug 2019

Buy 16GB of RAM. 8 gb was mercy in 2018 but not in 2019

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