My own free online game

  Gnir50 20:47 20 Jun 2010

Hi all!

I am proud to announce I have just released my first online game! I have been working on this game for a VERY long time. In fact I started the specifications over 25 months ago and testing started over a year ago and now we are finally ready and have just opened the doors to people of the public..............phew!

Basically you take on the role of a ruler of a city in the middle ages, build up your infrastructure, setup trades, connect roads and build up your military for expansion. The game is TOTALLY free and was designed so that you do not need to spend much time per day on it, a few minutes is enough and is orientated more towards mature players rather than kids.

The game is very "community" orientated, meaning that it revolves around being part of a group or in this case a "clan". Several other forums have shown interest and are already setting up their own groups in the game, so it will get VERY interesting VERY fast.
If you guys plan to create your own clan, then I suggest to select the same country and locate there.

Here is the game link:

click here

Your input is appreciated!

Please be patient, we are still in beta, so there is several additions on the way still especially GRAPHICS and DESIGN (which is why there are no screen shots), if you have any ideas or suggestions you can post those in the game forums.

Note: sorry to the moderators for posting here without prior contributing to the community, if this in the wrong forum please move

  Kevscar1 13:24 21 Jun 2010

You have some serious problems to sort out if you want to go anywhere.
Tutorials Nothing on how to get started. How to get land by voting brings up a 2 x 1 in square which is impossible to read and it doesn't get any bigger even at 400% zoom.
Eventually brought up buildings so thought I,d start with a mine. Not enough land to build on. Sorry you need to give players some land to expand on at the start.
Small thing why no Atheism in religous choice.

  wolfie3000 22:04 21 Jun 2010

Serious problems is right, I was expecting at least a flash type game but all you get is a spreadsheet,

I can appreciate what you have done but with a mass of free RPG games online i cant see this working.

If your target audience is RPG gamers then your going to have your work cut out for you, I cant see gamers wanting to play with what looks like a spreadsheet,

Also including Religion into the game although novel will no doubt lead to some serious problems in the near future,

YOu might want to make the game a little simpler to start with as i have no idea what to do once logged on/in, the spreadsheet style just makes it look like a confusing mess.

Sorry if im coming off as overly critical but its best im honest with you.

  Forum Editor 00:11 22 Jun 2010

I'm no gamer, but I know about software.

Your opening post says "I am proud to announce I have just released my first online game!" and "...testing started over a year ago and now we are finally ready"

but right at the end you appear to change your mind, and say "Please be patient, we are still in beta"

If you're in beta you haven't released the game - you're still in the testing stage, release comes later. I'm not saying that to discourage you, but to warn you about disillusioning people. It's fairly obvious that you still have a considerable anount of work to do on this project before it's ready to face the public as a full release.

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