A must for Doom fans.

  wolfie3000 03:05 05 Jun 2008

Now you can play doom multi player with Skulltag,
If you a fan of the doom game then this is a must,

click here

But be warned in the more popular servers there are some doom Veterans and they don't take prisoners.
I longest time i managed to keep myself alive let alone kill anyone was 40 seconds.

Heres a video of in game play.

click here

Dont worry though most servers don't have 32 players in them so it wont be that hectic lol.

Me and my friends are setting up a custom server that will be private but open to any PCA members who want to join in,

I will be making some custom maps and custom skins for the players.
The editing package for Skulltag is on the download page with the client if you fancy making your own custom maps.

Our server will be called Doomedtofail if you fancy your chances with us :P

It should be running around 6PM tomorrow.

Happy Fragging.

  crosstrainer 06:38 05 Jun 2008

Would like to try, but am just no good at online gaming.....Your 40 seconds would beat my best by about 39 :)

  Si_L 10:09 05 Jun 2008

Lots of gaming threads popping up recently, (thats a hint FE!)

The game looks sweet, I'll give it a go when I'm back home.

  Si_L 10:10 05 Jun 2008

Do you play any Counter-Strike? Thats one of the best online multiplayer shoot-em ups there is.

  Earthsea 11:43 05 Jun 2008

I had a go at Counter-Strike once but, like crosstrainer, was pants at it.

  mrwoowoo 17:31 05 Jun 2008

Love to join in,but never played online before.
Might give it a go if i feel brave enough.

  Acx 23:56 05 Jun 2008

The problem is I don't think I have the original Doom or Doom2 in the cupboard gathering dust.

  mrwoowoo 01:32 06 Jun 2008

Looks like doom and doom 2 are free to download.
click here

  mrwoowoo 01:35 06 Jun 2008

Dodgey link
click here

  crosstrainer 06:57 06 Jun 2008

What do I need to install to take part? I have Doom3 and Doom resurrection of evil. I also have the Old classic Doom collectors edition.

  wolfie3000 07:28 06 Jun 2008

Ok heres how to setup and run skulltag,

First download and install skulltag.
Next download doom2
Mrwoohoo,s link is a good link to use, click here

Use 7Zip to unzip the files, unzip them to C:\Program Files\Skulltag

Then run skulltag, join a server or create one, also before starting you might want to re assign the keys as in default there pretty bad.

Then start fragging. :)

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