Mouse only games

  Kevscar1 20:14 09 Mar 2009

Got to have ops and will be one handed for 3 - 6 months.
I have The Witcher Enhanced Edition which is awesome and everything can be done using just the mouse.
Anyone know of any other good games which you can run using just the mouse

  wolfie3000 22:42 09 Mar 2009

Many games nowadays require both mouse and keyboard,
Bet you may want to look into getting a Belkin N52 TE game pad as it can operate most games with just one hand.

click here

I have one myself and there one of the best gamepads around.

  Kevscar1 06:40 10 Mar 2009

Thanks I've e-mailed belkin because it look from the reviews as if you can only use it with the right hand. Second op will be on that one so would need to be able to change it over.

  Si_L 17:07 10 Mar 2009

What about getting a Wii?

  Kevscar1 17:40 10 Mar 2009

Strictly Pc man

  Si_L 23:04 10 Mar 2009

Age of Empires is one I've found can be played with just a mouse. The keyboard is good for shortcuts but not necessary.

  wolfie3000 01:56 11 Mar 2009

You could try the Flexiglow Cyber Snipa FPS Game Pad,
It can be used in either hand and looks pretty cool to.

click here

Might be better than looking for a game that can be played with only a mouse.

  Kevscar1 20:03 11 Mar 2009

That looks good but how do you look around. I usually use the mouse to look while I'm moving with the arrow keys. I can't see how you can do both at the same time using that.

  wolfie3000 06:52 12 Mar 2009

To be honest im not sure, there looks to be an analogue stick under the F keys on the pad but i cant say for sure thats what it is.

  Kevscar1 04:49 24 Mar 2009

Anyone any ideas. have first op 15 April so need to get some soon

  Si_L 22:37 24 Mar 2009

Did not fancy AoE then?

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