The most gratuitous head shot video

  mrwoowoo 20:48 03 Jul 2008

Ok,obviously my favourite of all time,the shotgun from resi evil 4 had to be there.Infact the shotgun/head combo from any resi game.Why is blowing heads off the best part?
Apart from this,i'm sure there are better ones from other games,than the ones shown.
Just can't think of any at the moment.

  mrwoowoo 20:50 03 Jul 2008

Yes i suppose a link would help )O:!
click here

  wolfie3000 22:18 03 Jul 2008

Gotta love Turoks cerebral bore, :P

The videos good but its just not complete without a no scope from Halo or the super slow mo head shots from Max Payne.

  wolfie3000 22:23 03 Jul 2008

Forgot to mention,
Whenever you make a headshot in an online game its mandatory to shout as load as possible thru teamspeak either "BOO YA OWNED DIZZLED!!" or "BOOM PWNED!!"

  mrwoowoo 23:30 03 Jul 2008

You've reminded me of the bullet time slow mo head shot in Stranglehold.Cinematic brilliance.

  Inept Pig 17:10 06 Jul 2008

Surely you jest with regards to shouting on Teamspeak?

Surely correct protocol is for the player whose head has indeed been shot to acknowledge such particular technical finery from yourself, and for all others to applaud your achievement before retiring to the club house for a few drinks and reminiscing over the particularly fine round of online gaming that you've just played?

  mrwoowoo 17:15 06 Jul 2008

Then surely a headshot should be acknowledged by a shout of "HOLE IN ONE"

  wolfie3000 07:08 08 Jul 2008

Inept pig,

We shout alot worse sometimes lol,
Also if the game allows, we usually hump our victims for added humiliation,

click here

Anyone who corpse humps me on a game becomes my personal target for the rest of the game :P

  Inept Pig 19:46 09 Jul 2008

You see, you say 'hump' but I'm sure you mean that you both consider the finer points of your brutal murder of the opposition and then ruminate upon important world-issues before returning to the game with renewed vigour.

Or do I play different version of 'online' to everyone else?

mrwoowoo - no shouting, it's terrible undignified, perhaps a polite round of applause would be the correct manner in which to appreciate a particular fine headshot?

  mrwoowoo 22:00 09 Jul 2008

"mrwoowoo - no shouting"
Sorry old chap,but i disagree most whole heartedly.Before an head shot,one must forewarn the unfortunate recipitant with a shout of "FORE".
Now i'm off to play Tiger woods 2008 where we really appreciate the finer points of gaming.
"Mrs woowoo,have you seen my plus fours"?

  Inept Pig 17:59 10 Jul 2008

A true gaming gentleman, it is a pleasure to be corrected by you Sir - indeed, without a warning call of 'Fore!' who would know what damage could be done to unprepared gentlefolk...

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