More for your money with M$ & $ony

  GRIDD 22:32 16 Aug 2008

Microsoft has pimped up the 360 Pro model with a 60GB drive, and a rumoured HDMI port, for the same old £199.

Sony are releasing an 80GB model of the PS3 at the end of this week for same old price of £299.

I don't think this will be the end of the price war in the run up to Christmas.

Some bundles going cheap on the XBOX 360 20GB click here

  crosstrainer 23:23 16 Aug 2008

Out of curiosity.. I have never owned a console of any kind, although I did come close to buying one when I became ill in April, and was bedridden for a while.

I have tried them a few times, but could never get to grips with the controller, and seemed to be pressing buttons at random without really knowing what was going on.

I game on my PC's, and use a joystick when flying using Flight SimX, but have never tried any of the more popular cross-platform games.

Max Payne, Fear, etc.

Are they really as good on a console?

This machine 2x 8800GTX 4gb ram Quad core cpu eats everything I thow at it on a 24" dvi monitor, but friends inform me that I should be gaming on my 42" TV with a console....Is it really that good?

  GRIDD 13:55 17 Aug 2008

Yes and I'm currently waiting on my 42inch 1080p LCD coming, hopefully the end of next week.

Bluray and upscaled DVDs on the PS3 are excellent too. The controls are awkward but once ya give it ago for a few days you'll get the hang of it...

What sort of games are you into? (besides flight)

  GRIDD 14:11 17 Aug 2008

20GB bundles on discount from game would be a good starter and the 360's controller is much better than PS3's.

  mrwoowoo 16:59 17 Aug 2008

As a convertee from ps1,2 and now occasionally the ps3 console to pc gaming,they both have their merits.
I got my pc mainly for convenience gaming,i.e not annoying the wife.(thumb mark on head)
I had the same doubts,such as will i be able to use a mouse and keyboard.Would i be any good at it etc.At the end of the day,we all adapt very easily, as these things are designed to be used for their purpose.
I stiil prefer a gamepad on my pc for Tombraider type games, platformers and racing games as it feels so easy and natural.Now and then i go on my sons ps3 and have no trouble using the controller at all, although it's slightly harder with a fps with a controller.Well it is for me as i'm not used to it but my son has no trouble with anything.The more you use something the more natural it becomes.
A ps3 and a large lcd hd tv is a great combination which all adds to the experience.If pushed i would prefer the ps3 over my pc as i do like to sit back away from the screen with a controller.It just feels right.
Max payne type games i feel really come into their own on a ps3,it's just a totally different experience.
Go for it.You won't be disapointed.
If you are,you can blame me and i will reimburse you.(O:!

  crosstrainer 15:19 18 Aug 2008

I like FPS games....FEAR, MAx Payne, Crysis, Doom, Quake The Call of duty series.

Wouldn't buy them again just to get console versions, but might consider a console when the next episodes are released.

I can game on the TV now by hooking up the PC, just wondered if the quality of the graphics would be that much better on a console?

  GRIDD 00:24 19 Aug 2008

I dunno, depends on game I think. COD4 looked better (ran at max) on PC for example than on PS3 n HDTV.

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