Monitor says No connection

  Priestmer 01:46 23 Mar 2018

When using my computer, the monitor will go black saying no connection. This only happens when playing some games like Sims 4 and I can still hear the game running in the background. Does anyone know what is going on? My graphics card is Nvidia GeForce.

  wee eddie 02:14 23 Mar 2018

First. Tell us more about your PC. Its Model,specification and Operating System

  wiganken2 08:51 23 Mar 2018

I assume you have checked the cable (HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort or VGA) is securely fixed at each end? Sometimes these can become loose if the computer or monitor has been moved. It happened to me only a month ago. Pushing the cable home fixed it.

  Priestmer 13:25 23 Mar 2018

Yes, I tried the cables. Everything was great till a few months ago. It only does it on some games. Device name: idea-PC Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4430 [email protected] Installed RAM 8.00 GB System Type 64-bit x 64

  wiganken2 14:07 23 Mar 2018

Playing some games places a high demand on the GPU pushing the temperature up. Also the CPU temperature increases during high demand. Have you opened up the PC and used an air duster to blow out any and all dust, especially on GPU and CPU fans and cooling fins? Another possibility is that (a few months ago) you updated the graphics card drivers but have forgotten that you did it and it this driver update that is the cause? Can you remember installing graphics card updates?

  wiganken2 14:11 23 Mar 2018

Also I forgot to mention there is a free program called "Speccy" that can show you the temperature of your PCs components. See click here . To compare temperatures see click here .

  Kneliking 13:07 27 Mar 2018

I suggest you need to check the video settings you the game you are playing, I know it can be set to default by doing it in developer mode.

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