Mirrors edge

  mrwoowoo 17:02 13 Jul 2008

At last,something a bit different.
Looking forward to this one,as i'm getting a bit bored of the usual round of cloned offerings.
Whether or not all that running and jumping will get boring, unless it's dispersed with plenty of enemy encounters,i don't know.
Full marks for endevouring to break the current mould though. At the moment it's on my to buy list for the start of november.
It might be best to use my controller for this one though
For the trailer click here

  mrwoowoo 14:57 16 Jul 2008

The game is loosely set for a november 1st release.
A few cool wallpapers.
click here
May be my browser,but i get page can't be displayed on the music links.

  wolfie3000 04:08 16 Jul 2008

The music from the game is being offered for free,

Heres the webpage with the music.

click here
Heres the direct downloads of the tracks.

Track1 - Meextended
click here

Track2 - Memusic1
click here

Track 3 - Memusic2
click here

Thanks DICE for making this music available for free, i love it.

So any info about when the games released??

  wolfie3000 20:44 15 Jul 2008

Interesting blend of Parkour and fighting, looks like a winning combination,

Apart from the first person view point.
This game would be oh so awesomer if it was in third person perspective.

My favourite part of the game and im guessing will appeal to others is that the city and inside the buildings are bright, rather than how most games like this are set in dark gloominess.

The levels in this game are greatly stylized and look gorgeous, the combination of reds, whites and blacks makes this a good looking game, lets hope the gameplay delivers too.

One further note is the fact that the game has bullet time, i must admit im kinda sick of bullet time in games but with this game it will really work well and enhance the game.

  Inept Pig 20:33 15 Jul 2008

Looks interesting, but I worry about the first person viewpoint and being able to judge your jumps - I have horrific memories of jumping sections in first-person games, they never seem to work that well...

If the controls are lovely and intuitive it could be a joy to play.

E3 Trailer is up now (PS3)- click here

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