Microstuttering in an online game

  Arian Pandža 00:55 08 Feb 2017

Hello, fellows! I've got a problem with microstuttering when playing this game called Trackmania Nations Forever which dates back to 2008. Basically, I'm experiencing micro frame freezes whilst playing the game online, however, when I play the game offline, it's working perfectly fine. Just recently I reinstalled my Windows10 and before the reinstallment I was able to play Trackmania online without any microstuttering whatsoever. Other online games that I play are also free of microstutters, it is just happening in Trackmania and it is tilting the shit out of me. Your help will be much obliged!

  MJS WARLORD 14:59 02 Apr 2017

2 possible answers here , try right click on the short cut and chose run in compatability mode ...... might do the trick.

also as it is online it could be somebody else setup that is causing you a problem.... in multiplay games the person with the slowest connection can pull everyones performace down.

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