mass effect 2 pc version

  citadel 21:16 30 Jan 2010

played a few hours all works ok, plenty to do, squad members work ok no need to nurse maid them as they auto use their powers, there are orders to give as well.

  mrwoowoo 23:46 31 Jan 2010

Played the original and thought it was average.
A bit too much running back and forth and long dialogues.
I tend to get bored with with a lack of gun action.

  citadel 18:27 01 Feb 2010

I dident get the first one because the review said weapons and firing wernt very good. it has had a revamp and works ok now, done a lot of shooting and been killed a few times, a good sign. that miranda girl congratulates you when you do a good head shot.

  IClaudio 10:34 02 Feb 2010

I only got ME1 a few weeks ago and still working through it - I think it's fantastic, beautifully written and acted, great graphics and action.

I now have ME2, but I'll wait until I've completed the original and then import my Shepherd into the new one. Looking forward to it, though I'll be sorry to finish ME1.

  citadel 18:35 05 Feb 2010

finding this game great, most fun since fallout 3

  polish 22:50 11 Feb 2010

iam only on the early part of game gathering team but so far very impressed with good graphics and game play i didnt play maasa effect so cannot directly compare

  citadel 19:34 12 Feb 2010

I went through the collector mass relay too soon, I should have done the other missions, I can still go back and do them but it dosent seem worth it after you have done the ending.

  kalignorgna 12:06 22 Feb 2010

Ok game but short once you take out the mineral collecting, too few side and main quests for and RPG and not enough action for a 3rd person shooter. Some of the team members you get are a bit pointless such as Jacob since as soon as you get jack or sembia he’s useless, also some of the powers you get with loyally are rubbish the best ones I’ve found are armor piercing and thermal grenade and the biotic loyally powers are the same as the adept’s (biotic attack class) so why bother? And then there’s the dialog system which to ask good questions you need pagan points and visa versa which is annoying to say the least. Thankfully when you’re in the middle of a fire fight you can forget most of these problems and the graphics are brilliant.

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