Lost Planet Extreme Condition

  crosstrainer 11:08 10 Sep 2008

Being a bit lost for games at the moment, I dug out a copy of this (which I tried before, but couldn't get on with)

Anyone played it? Ideas? Or should I just put it back on the shelf :))

  Marko797 15:05 10 Sep 2008

The reviews aren't great click here;title;0
and it only gets a 7.

Haven't played it myself, but the trailer looks interesting.

  crosstrainer 15:07 10 Sep 2008

I've had it for ages...Bought it as it was one of the first "Games for Windows" logo titles...I don't like Steam games, but might give it another try.

  Marko797 15:10 10 Sep 2008

one of the comments is along the lines of if you have ran out of all your good games, then maybe play this. Not really inspiring, but these things are subjective. You might enjoy it. Post bk n let us all know.

  crosstrainer 15:19 10 Sep 2008

I'll install it today, then create a Steam account. Will let you know what it's like.

  crosstrainer 16:31 10 Sep 2008

Now I remember why I didn't get on with it.... I have just inserted the DVD (which you would think would install the game) Nope. It just installs Steam, which then downloads the game (Some 1.5GB) on it's pathetically slow server.

I Own the game, I paid for the game, but now I have to download a new copy because it has never been on my Phenom machine.

At the present download speed I may be playing it by Christmas, by which time we will have the new FEAR offering to get our hands on.

The only good thing is, that when you get truly and utterly *** with waiting and close the Steam window, it resumes the download from where you stopped it.

This may take some time :((

  Marko797 16:59 10 Sep 2008

I think it was the same with HL2. Bought it, went home, couldn't wait to play it, then...Steam! Hours later...it was bed time.

Understand your plight.

I admire your patience :)

  crosstrainer 17:06 10 Sep 2008

No patience, I will just do it a bit at a time, and then find out that I hate the game anyway and uninstall it :((

  Marko797 17:10 10 Sep 2008

it was well worth the wait.

With Lost Planet, I couldn't say what you might experience.

But, rather than give it a good slagging, give it a chance. Open the windows to let out some Steam.

You've whetted my appetite, so can't wait for your first thoughts...Steam allowing of course.

  crosstrainer 17:53 10 Sep 2008

Sorry to disappoint, but I have given up on it...It was going to be "Ready to play" In 16 Hours.

Then Steam crashed.... Lost temper, uninstalled, spent the last half hour cleaning up the c*** it left behind.

My advice is: Don't bother (another coaster)

  cluckinbell 12:43 12 Sep 2008

Keeps all your games in one place, auto updates them, excellent online server system, direct downloads of new games at good prices and flies along whenever i download a new game at my maximum connection speed of about 6 meg.

I really dont understand this anti -steam mentality, it does smack of the 'we fear change' brigade.

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