Lost planet colonies addition

  mrwoowoo 01:00 02 Aug 2008

Finally found a game to end the summer game drought.
Just looked at the game play video and it looks absolutely awesome.Also,you can now play it in first person shooter mode.

click here
Plenty of new single player modes have been added to the original, and because of the numerous patches added by Capcom it looks graphically superior to the original.
Lots of new,fun online modes have been added as well.
I played the original on the PS3, and thought it was excellent.But i didn't take much notice of this new addition as i assumed it was virtually the same.
After seeing the video and reading this article,i've decided that it's worth the very reasonable price of £17.99 from Game.

  retep888 18:21 10 Aug 2008

It reminds me of those arcade games which I played in those entertainment centres years ago.

Graphics and sound effect quite good and I got it from play.com for £14.99 only. :-)

  mrwoowoo 20:48 10 Aug 2008

Managed to get it for £10.50 inc p&p,new and sealed on Ebay.
Since you are running 2x GTX 280 (OC) compared to my humble, single 9600gt,i think you can afford the extra £4.99 hit.(O:!
Have you played online yet?
Just tried to connect and it couldn't find anything.Have to have another read of the manual incase i've done something wrong.

  retep888 16:06 11 Aug 2008

I did try ebay but I only could find used copies
for cheaper price, all new ones were sold for the same price if not dearer.

I haven't tried online yet because the single player mode is good enough for me but I think the servers must be very far and between.

Have you tried the cross platform mode?
I do have a 360 but I won't be bother playing it though.

  mrwoowoo 18:29 11 Aug 2008

I think you're right.It's just a case of not many people online.
Will stick to quake 4 multiplayer for the time being.

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