Looking to upgrade pc, unsure what to buy

  JustPaget 16:26 19 Oct 2015

I brought my pc a while ago on a budget to play games like cs:go and h1z1 (I had an xbox one before hand but wanted to play theses games). After playing it for a while i realized i enjoyed the games much more on my pc and decided to sell my xbox one. i got £300 for it and i am looking to put that money into kitting out my pc to get higher fps on the games i play and to be able to play games such as DayZ or SW: Battlefront (when it comes out). I am not good when it comes to tech so any advice would be greatly appreciated on what to spen my money on.

PC (I run on windows 10): click here

  [email protected] 09:08 26 Oct 2015

Alright, so you are still looking at something for intermediate gaming experience; right? I'd recommend a PC like click here maybe, give this a try after consulting at some other forums too.

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