Looking to buy a PC but only understand basics

  Donne11y 12:28 08 Nov 2017

I've been looking at buying a PC for a few months now and it all sort of goes way over my head.

Just wondered if anyone could help me me out? I'm looking to spend around £1200 on it. Would be willing to spend more if on finance also.

Thank you!

  john bunyan 13:24 08 Nov 2017

Do you want a desktop or a laptop - if so what is your main interest? If just for browsing and word then you could get one for a lot cheaper. If it is for gaming, then that needs a high specification.

  Donne11y 13:54 08 Nov 2017

Hi John. Apologies, would have helped if i had mentioned that!!!

I would be looking for a desktop and i would be mainly using it for Gaming.

  john bunyan 16:31 08 Nov 2017


I would look at the Novatech website. I bought a desktop from them last year and will send price and spec later - around £ 900 plus monitor with more or less gaming specs. Out at the mo so on iphone.

  Menzie 17:30 08 Nov 2017

I'll save FE the trouble and recommend Chillblast. Looking at their site a 6-core i5 can be made with a 24" monitor with a 1060 video card in your budget.

I'll post links to websites below.

Call the contact number on them and someone there will be happy to help you with getting a PC that is perfect for your needs.

It's difficult when it is you aren't overly technical but Chillblast and CCL (my personal recommendation) will see you right. They will provide a good system within budget.

Some key things to look for:

Quad Core CPU or better 16GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 1060

Chillblast: click here Computers click here Novatech recommendation above is good too. I have heard many good things about their service.


  Menzie 17:34 08 Nov 2017

For some reason my formatting appears in an odd way.

Anyway, one link is for CCL Computers and the other for Chillblast.

  Donne11y 17:38 08 Nov 2017

Thanks guys, will have a look!

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