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Looking to buy my first gaming PC please help !

  Bentekkerz9 13:48 26 Mar 2020

My cousin is selling a Fierce PC and these are the specs, I don’t know a lot about gaming PCs and was hoping someone could help me out. GTX 1050 graphics card, 1tb hard drive, Amd Athlon x4 880k quad core processor. Is this a good first gaming PC? Will it run minecraft well with shaders? And other shooting games too? PLEASE HELP!

  Jack Pady 09:40 24 May 2020

That is already a 4 year old processor, which is very old by technology's standards. It would play Minecraft at low settings but not much more. What is your budget? And what other titles are you interested in playing?

  Jollyjohn 10:15 24 May 2020

What is the motherboard, is there scope to improve the CPU and add more RAM?

  meclearn 11:09 02 Jun 2020

I guess you need to watch some videos or tutorial on hardware how to build PC. I think load of info gathers. But I recommend if you interested online PC builder website or guide how to build PC. visit arbico computers

  jamestye 11:20 23 Jul 2020

Recently I also buy a gaming pc is 700$, Nvidia 4gb graphic card, 16gb ram, 1tb HDD, 2 GB SSD, and other common equipment, so will get an idea how much you have to spend

  wee eddie 08:11 24 Jul 2020

If you are looking to play the latest games, you will be sadly disappointed.

However, if it is only a hundred quid or so, and you are prepared to do some homework and to buy 2nd hand parts, you should be able to upgrade it "a little". It may be a way to start a career of modding and fiddling with PCs

  theDarkness 11:46 26 Jul 2020

Try 'gtx 1050 minecraft shaders' on youtube to see if anyone can give you a rough idea of how well it might work, but be aware that other factors such as cpu may come into play when it comes to how well it will run and at what frame rate. It may or may not be relevant, but some people from a few years ago reported standard (java) Minecraft only using their system's Intel HD integrated graphics rather than their dedicated card, so the computer might require some tweaking to get the game to work well

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