Looking to build a good gaming pc

  Bogdan Ulican 12:27 22 Sep 2018

Looking to build a good gaming pc and i need some advice on how good and compatible are all the items with each other. How stable will be the cpu overclocked and all this stuff. Case corsair carbide spec omega rgb tower, motherboard asus rog maximus x hero , cpu intel i7-8086k with extreme overclocking. Cpu cooler Aio corsair hydro h115i pro,ram 2x 8gb/3200 mhz ddr4 corsair vengeace pro rgb, msi aero geforce gtx 1080ti, power suply corsair rmx 750 gold modular and 3 x corsair icue intelligent fans for the case. Im interested how good will all work with each other, how good will the motherboard sync with the icue rgb from corsair and if anyone has any other advice regarding the parts. Help will be much appreciated. Tnx

  DeathRacker 10:14 30 Sep 2018

Yeah I know Building Gaming pc is always tough and when i am building my first pc Dude it was really pain in ass ;) i look pcparpicker and other forums. i find this unique post Building Gaming pc under 1000 dollar where this Guy posted a video as well briefly in its content and that help me alot. i think this guide will also helps you

  detonnatedBear 21:52 20 Oct 2018

To build gaming PC which would handle games like for example minecraft servers you don't need to spend too much money. Of course depends on your needs. I use laptop - alienware 17R and that's a good tech for me which full fills all my needs.

  irakisaml 08:58 23 Oct 2018

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  irakisaml 09:01 23 Oct 2018

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  KEITH 1955 17:13 23 Oct 2018

Bogdan , even if you intend to build the pc yourself I would recommend you go on sites such as pc specialist and do a build my pc , input the parts you intend to you and the end build will tell you of any overkill or missmatch

  thaliadaniels 16:22 26 Oct 2018

Hi guys. Have the same dilemma. I hope you can provide here the How-to tutorial for setting it up.

  hpprintercare 07:40 15 Dec 2018

If you want to build a good gaming PC then used at least 4 GB RAM because game needs more memory to run. I am using HP Pavilion x360 and you can ask to HP Support for suggestions.

  wee eddie 17:59 15 Dec 2018

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  hpprintercare 09:39 17 Dec 2018

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  Lenny13 11:28 08 Jan 2019

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