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Lidl Quadcopter - Delta Sports Drone

  PaddyCoyne 20:04 21 Jul 2019

Hi, any idea where one could get a set motors for this: click here Great for kids, but one of the prop motors failed.

  wee eddie 20:15 21 Jul 2019

Have you yet tried to disassemble the Motor Housing?

I would suggest that you will have difficulties and may not be able to reassemble it

  PaddyCoyne 20:21 21 Jul 2019

Yes, Easy to take apart. I actually opened the motor, but it is faulty.

  wee eddie 20:25 21 Jul 2019

It is likely that there is a serial number on the motor - Google it

  PaddyCoyne 20:46 21 Jul 2019

Thanks, I found a number of motors that look like what I need, but I do not have a spec (rpm).

  Forum Editor 22:51 02 Aug 2019

Call this number: Service Great Britain Tel.: 0871 5000 720

or email: [email protected]

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