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Laptop buying advice - Football Manager

  Cabes87 10:57 07 Feb 2017


I am looking to buy a laptop mainly for the purpose of running the latest version of football manager. I am hoping to access all the features of the game, with a large database and a quick game speed but am on a budget. I have looked online but with so much choice out there I was hoping to get some specific advice from someone with greater expertise than my limited knowledge.

Thanks in advance.

  Archonar 12:45 07 Feb 2017

Can you give us your budget so that we can make some recommendations in your price range?

  Cabes87 14:26 07 Feb 2017


  Archonar 17:42 07 Feb 2017

That is pushing the budget for a laptop with a dedicated graphics card but something like this would probably play it okay: click here

I would probably be more tempted to recommend something with an i5 processor and a bit more RAM but that will most likely exceed your budget. Note that the one I have recommended is just from a quick search so there may be better options out there. Maybe link some of the ones you have found and we can give you some pointers as to what we would change?

  Cabes87 10:43 08 Feb 2017

I had looked at:

click here like I have said, I know very little to nothing about what I am really looking for. I have read that the processor is the most important element along with memory, needing at least 8GB then the graphics card for the match engine but I literally have no idea when it comes to graphics cards.




  Archonar 10:57 08 Feb 2017

That one you have linked does not come with a graphics card at all, it is built onto the processor and therefore not particularly powerful so you may have some issues with the match engine. The processor may be slightly too powerful for what you need - i7's are usually only recommended for video editing. An i5 would probably be more appropriate and may allow you to find something with a dedicated graphics card. I will have another look and see what I can find.

  Cabes87 11:24 08 Feb 2017

Thank you very much for your help.

  Archonar 13:20 08 Feb 2017

A couple of these look like good options, i5 processors and a GPU to handle the match engine. click here

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