lack of support for games

  KEITH 1955 14:45 22 Oct 2018

Not sure if this should have been posted on games or speakers corner. What games have you had to stop using simply because either the makers stopped supporting them or gamers stopped using them.

Here are 3 oldies that I miss.

world of battles..... this was a Russian online wargame I used it a lot so I bought some extras for it , I spent about the same as I would have on a shop bought game. After about 6 months use I just got an email to say they were closing down the servers …. end of !

guildwars ….. I put it on a new pc and after getting all the game areas updated just by going to places I realised that their were virtually nobody on it anymore . I have never really got to grips with guildwars 2 the character figures seem a bit to cartoony to me but then that's just my opinion.

age of mythology ……. i must have had thousands of games on this then all of a sudden players just stopped using it , the last time i tried it , it had just turned into a glorified chatroom where you queued up to take abuse from others. I got the newer age of mythology extended when it first came out but 3 years on hardly anyone uses it. You are lucky if you see 15 players logged in. At least when the original aom was just being used as a chatroom you had 70+ on it.

  Menzie 20:53 22 Oct 2018

I don't really play online games so aren't affected when the servers shut down or players lose interest.

However I have single player games that I would love to play again but the latest OS never plays nice with them.

I've messed around with the likes of Dosbox and have had some success but prefer to buy a game all set up and ready to go. So now I dabble in a few purchases from Good Old Games.

  Menzie 20:56 22 Oct 2018

By the way MJS Warlord, have you ever been asked by anyone when you'll grow out of the 'silly little hobby' that is gaming?

I've been asked that (I'm in my mid-thirties) by various family members or co-workers in the past.

The most interesting part is the same people usually watch something that I find horrible like soap operas or reality shows.

  KEITH 1955 21:05 22 Oct 2018

hi menzie , yes I have been asked if I will ever grow up and I always say never lol , gaming amongst adults seems more acceptable these days but every now and again some dick head runs in front of me during a games

  Forum Editor 12:21 25 Oct 2018

"...gaming amongst adults seems more acceptable these days"

It's all about personal choice isn't it? If you like gaming, then go ahead and play. I have never been bitten by the bug, but I wouldn't think of making disparaging remarks about people who have.

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