Konami Arcade Collection Controller Issues

  Raymond Bolton 23:46 21 Dec 2016

A few years ago I bought a cheap Konami Arcade Collection USB controller from Walmart. It's meant to plug into a PC and download classic Konami games from the Konami Live server. The server has since shut down, and so right now this controller is useless. Do you think there is any way I could use it as a general gamepad now? I tried just plugging it in and playing a controller-supported game on Steam, but that didn't work. Any suggestions on what I should try next? Thanks!

  Forum Editor 14:42 22 Dec 2016

This controller has no operating system, it was designed to connect you straight into the Konami gaming server - it's a dedicated controller and will be useless for anything else.

A Windows-based computer will probably recognise it as a USB drive, but that's all. You might as well throw it in the bin.

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