podlod 08:19 19 Apr 2011

Hi, I have just purchased a new keyboard, and the product name being Steelseries Merc Stealth keyboard. I find that PAUSE and SAVE do not seem to function, is there a special mod to make them work, or has anybody else had this prob, and if so how did they manage to get theirs to operate, thanks for any help.

  Inept Pig 14:11 19 Apr 2011

I guess the most obvious thing to ask is have you installed all the relevant drivers that came with the keyboard?

Do these buttons work at all? (can you manually map them within the game settings?)

And is Pause relating to pausing the game, or a Media player?

  podlod 10:53 20 Apr 2011

Hi, yes I have downloaded the nec/drives,and it is the game it is supposed to pause, as it is a gaming keyboard which answers the question regarding Media Player.

  Inept Pig 11:13 20 Apr 2011

My keyboard has a pause button on it too; I don't think I've ever used it - how many games do you actually pause these days? Most of the time it's more a case of bringing up an in-game menus; the days of "Press 'P' to pause" are long gone.

I've taken a look at some reviews for the merc series that mention a selection of media control buttons; which would suggest to me that even though it's a gaming keyboard - it does offer more diverse functions.

As for the Save key; not sure on that one to be honest - could you not map this manually for the time being? Or does the computer not recognise when it's pressed at all (even when trying to configure keys in game)?

  podlod 16:22 20 Apr 2011

hi, I do find on occasions to use pause, but at the end of the day the cost of the keyboard in question I find is expensive, and I do expect everything to function properly, and yes i could modify the afore said button.

  Ibanez2010 16:45 20 Apr 2011

The pause button is for controlling a media player. To pause a game press Escape.

  podlod 18:34 20 Apr 2011

Hi again, tried that and others, no luck.

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