Just got myself an X-Box 360

  DANZIG 11:07 09 Nov 2008

...bought it off a mate of mine. Can anyone recommend any games for it.

I love driving games and things like Morrowind.

The other half is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan and similar.

Games that I got with it include GTA IV, The Godfather, Lost Planet, a few golfing and footy games, Sega Rally, Gears Of War.

  donki 12:25 09 Nov 2008

If give Fable 2 a go, I loved the first one :)!!!

  DANZIG 12:44 09 Nov 2008

I've heard that is pretty good actually. From what I've seen of it on Youtube though, it just looks like a load of fighting

  Scorpion Bay 13:00 09 Nov 2008

Looks pretty, kind of a weak story compared to what you'd expect. Definately get Fallout 3...it's like Elder Scrolls with guns, apparently there's about 100 different endings, and total freedom to do what you want, when you want.

Other than that, if you enjoy Gears of War, get Gears of War 2 as well, happily a sequel that improves on the original.

Also, and this is a strange one, get on Xbox Live and download a game called Braid. It's less than a tenner (I can't remember how many points there are to a pound) and it's better than some £30 platformer games.

As for driving games, it depends on whether you prefer them to be realistic (Forza, Gran Turismo etc) or more 'arcadey' (PGR, NFS) but there's plently out there.

  dagnammit 13:34 09 Nov 2008

Best racing game is Project Gotham Racing.... I prefer 3 to 4.

  Inept Pig 20:46 10 Nov 2008

I'd also say Castle Crashers, Sensible World of Soccer, Geometry Wars 2 and Speedball 2 from the Live Arcade (you can at least download the trials first)

Dead Rising is still worth a play; other than that it depends on how powerful your PC is, and if you've bought any of the Orange Box, Bioshock, Far Cry 2, etc...

For driving games I'm told that Test Drive Unlimited is quite good.

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