Just Been To Tesco's

  crosstrainer 08:23 12 Jun 2008

And the selection of games is poor at the moment....You know things are bad when "Deal or no deal" Is half way up the charts! (got a copy myself for the occasional minor gambling session with mates)

But...It's hardly cutting edge. Seem to be far more console offerings, including a large Atari section.

  micky d 09:55 12 Jun 2008


Where's your Tescos situated, in the 1980s?

  belfman 10:40 12 Jun 2008


It's basically what sells - mums in doing their shopping, kids scream they want a game. You can bet it's not PC gaming rigs they are playing on.

The last big game releases haven't came onto PC yet either... a guy in a game store told me it's the quiet season too.

  crosstrainer 10:57 12 Jun 2008

The Atari games are for the Wii!

  micky d 12:01 12 Jun 2008

I see crosstrainer. I didn't know that, i thought you were refering to the Atari console..........you know the one..........clunk a book sized cartridge into the top of the console only to be met with a 100 different versions of space invaders or pacman.

I mean, invisible space invaders for gawds sake!

  Earthsea 12:08 12 Jun 2008

My Co-op used to sell some PC and PS2/3 games, conveniently located on a shelf next to the 'I'm standing in a long queue' part of the shop, alongside the soppy romantic novels.

It's only PS2/3 and soppy books now. Shame, because they used to have some good PC titles.

  crosstrainer 14:25 12 Jun 2008

Yep, I remember, I had one! My Tesco's is one of those Supersize stores, and they keep the top 50 PC and console games in stock....Nothing there worth mentioning until June 20th.

  belfman 15:54 12 Jun 2008

Alone in the Dark or Narnia Prince Caspian?

  crosstrainer 16:18 12 Jun 2008

Alone in the dark :)

  mrwoowoo 17:39 12 Jun 2008

Picked up Frontlines fuel of war (pc), from Tesco for £15.00 the other day.Bargain!
Didn't purchase at time of release as wasn't sure if it would be worth full price.
Actually it's really good.A bit different to usual FPS war games with drones(flown or driven)that you can send in remotely to gun down or blow up the enemy.
A hidden gem.

  wolfie3000 23:55 12 Jun 2008

Tescos isnt really the best place to look for games,
99% of my game purchases are from Amazon, there prices are the cheapest around,

The only drawback is waiting for them to be delivered.

I sometimes pop into Game and see what they offer,
I think Tesco carry more family oriented games like games based on quiz shows and so on,
If you after the latest shooter or adventure games for a pc then places like Game or HMV are a good bet but they are alot more expensive.

For me Amazon is the best place for games due to there prices and the fact they have every game imaginable.

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