Is it possible to add another graphics card?

  lowaaa 13:06 31 Jan 2018

Hi, I was thinking of adding another graphics card into my computer. I'm not sure why, but I have it laying around and I don't really want to sell it and instead of the graphics card being covered in dust, I was thinking of adding it to my computer.

I was just wondering, would my spec's handle another graphics card or would my computer be struggling?

What my computer has - Windows 10 CPU - Intel Core i5-3570k, 3.40GHz,(4CPUs), ~3.8GHz Grapihcs card - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Motherboard - G1.Sniper M3-CF RAM - 20GB

The graphics card I want to add -

Geforce GTX 660TI

If I can't add it onto my current system, could you explain why please?

Thank you.

  lowaaa 13:09 31 Jan 2018

I have forgot to mention the power supply, which is 650W

  Old Deuteronomy 15:56 31 Jan 2018

You cannot use SLI with a GTX 1060, as simple as that unfortunately.

  Menzie 17:22 01 Feb 2018

As stated above you cannot run those cards together simultaneously. You could if a slot is available use one for PhysX but a 660Ti wouldn't give that much of a boost.

  RufinaTangert 07:22 05 Feb 2018

I don't think that you can use the extra graphics card at the same time.

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