Issues with internet connection.

  Mark Tesh 21:22 18 Jan 2019

Hello everyone,

If anyone could help me with, that would be great. My question is, I have recently started playing pc games, on the WiFi connection I get really laggy online gameplay. I’ve been in to my hub settings, split the dual band and the wireless channels to no avail. In the end I have decided to do the smart thing and use an Ethernet cable. When completing speed tests via BT Wholesale, the speeds for the download look good! However, I still get the lagging in games, the main games I have noticed the problem is PUBG and BFV. anyone got any ideas?

Kind regards, Mark.

  KEITH 1955 12:31 19 Jan 2019

when you set up the wifi did you use the security code on the bottom of the hub to lock your pc onto it and prevent others from stealing your connection , when you went through the setup you should also have used the home network tab , that's how I set up my bt home hub.

  Mark Tesh 12:34 19 Jan 2019

Honestly I can accept the fact that it doesn’t work very well on WiFi, I just can’t understand why the same issues happen on Ethernet. I work for Plusnet, so I know all the correct procedures to take in regards to the WiFi connectivity.

  KEITH 1955 12:44 19 Jan 2019

does it happen on all online games , in the early days of broadband if one of your team had a slow connection it would slow everyones connection and if it was possible for other players to check everyones latency figures the slow connection would be asked to leave. Don't know if the same allies now !

  martin mcginn 11:51 31 Jan 2019

Try this, hope it works:Reinstall network card drivers.If the same problem keeps reoccurring, you may need to try other methods below. click here

  wee eddie 12:17 31 Jan 2019

You say "the download speeds look good"

What are they?

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