I'm a Hacker :)

  IClaudio 14:16 02 Dec 2009

Or at least, that's what I was called today by someone in BFHeroes...

I wear it as a badge of honour (I wouldn't know how to start hacking an online game)

  mrwoowoo 16:47 02 Dec 2009

The nearest i get to that is not being called a noob. )O:!
I bow to your superiority.
I do sometimes come top in Quake 4 deathmatch games but that's old hat so it doesn't count. )O:!

  IClaudio 18:28 02 Dec 2009

Well, I bow to you for coming top in Quake (you've probably killed me in the past...)

Try MW2 Multiplayer, you'll be laughing out loud, it's a great blast :)

  IClaudio 18:30 02 Dec 2009

The new game-types in MW2 are fantastic - my favourite at the moment is Capture the HQ, where each team has to capture and then defend a computer randomly created on the map.

The great thing with this is that everyone is heading for the same spot, and you know that you're going to have a big killmatch when you get there.


  mr simon 00:23 03 Dec 2009

HQ capture is in the first MW.

  wolfie3000 08:28 03 Dec 2009

Been accused myself on several occasions on Halo,
Usually by some 14 year old noob camper.

Always fun pwning them as they retreat while they spam nades at you.

OMFG HAXXX!! the true battle cry of the noob, especially when i pwn them with my insane sniper skillz. :P

Call for Dr HAX, click here

  IClaudio 23:31 03 Dec 2009

Ooops.. missed that! Should have said 'new to me' :)

  mr simon 15:40 04 Dec 2009

They may have updated it, I'm not sure as I haven't got the game, I'm too hesitant after reading the reviews on Amazon for it.

  IClaudio 17:25 04 Dec 2009

If you mean hesitant about MW2, don't be, it's a great waste of time :) and worth every penny

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