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I'm a beginner and need hardware advice

  Sincerely, Meikle 15:28 12 May 2019

Is the Asus 68hm-plus micro atx better than the Asus h110m-e micro atx? And which is cheaper n which cpu is best for each

  lotvic 15:53 12 May 2019

Depends on the use that you intend for your PC. I suggest you Google/search for 'pc motherboard benchmark'

  Sincerely, Meikle 21:34 12 May 2019

I'm using it for mid range gaming

  Old Deuteronomy 22:00 12 May 2019

What CPU are you going to use? This will determine what motherboard socket and chipset you need. At the moment you have one AMD motherboard and one Intel.

  Sincerely, Meikle 01:04 13 May 2019

I'm going to use the amd a10 5800b

  Menzie 01:41 13 May 2019

The motherboard choices listed and CPU choices are quite old and if gaming is your mission won't offer very good value with modern games.

The A10 APU mentioned was released back in 2012. There is a BIG difference between them and the newer Ryzen G in CPU and graphics performance.

You'd be better off stating a budget and asking for advice on a build, or better yet contacting a local vendor and seeking advice for something modern within your budget.

  oftmarshall678 16:22 06 Aug 2019

For mid range gaming I believe asus 68hm-plus will do it just fine

  wee eddie 17:59 06 Aug 2019

I think that you will be gravely disappointed by its limitations. Especially if you plan to use your new PC for gaming

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